Iceland Latrabjarg cliffs : Puffins kingdom

If you visiting Iceland- walking with puffins along the cliffs of the peninsula Latrabjarg is a must. It is a unique place, the westernmost point of Europe.

Watch wideo from drone

latrabjarg cliff

Cliffs Latrabjarg are without a doubt a great kingdom of puffins.


The cliffs are so steep that make an amazing impression, millions of birds, dozen species, and of course, beautiful and friendly Puffins, which did almost nothing with our presence, we had them on the doorstep 🙂

our puffins selfie

The different situation was with the drone, birds sensed the danger and giving an effective dive in the ocean 🙂

puffins drone

If any of you decide on an expedition, I recommend to visit this charming place late in the evening, please keep in mind that Puffins during the day most of the time they spend fishing and feeding the chicks.

puffin Latrabjarg

Ideally time to arrive is after 9-10 p.m. local time when most of the birds are sitting on the cliffs.
We arrived at midnight, there were 3 or 4 other cars and only two people visible on horizon- a paradise for observing, taking photos and struggle with the wind during the risky flight 🙂
Anyway, I drank whiskey with Puffins, a drone or as it should be professionally determine “the UAV for the commoners” came back in one piece 🙂


Video of the flight.. well.. came out “somehow”- because of the weather and the poor light doesn’t fully reflect the charm of the place, but I hope that it will be enjoyed 🙂
On the whole expedition to Iceland, time spent on these cliffs will be in our memory forever, what is more we’ll come back there I think more than once.

puffins love

drunk whisky with puffins


Photo gallery from the expedition

Latrabjarg cliffs


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